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Meet Lulu and Angie.

Lulu started using herbal products to try to help with her anxiety. With the help of her physician, she was able to use herbs to manage her anxiety. This was the beginning of Lulu’s introduction to herbs. Trained in Culinary Arts, Lulu became an herbalist to learn more about herbs and herbal ways.

Lulu found not all herbs were the same. Some had “natural” preservatives added to improve the shelf life of an herb that could damage the nutritional value of the herb. Some herbs were not a great quality. What Lulu found is you have to be careful where to buy your herbs from. Lulu set out to find the best US herbal growers with the best prices so she can pass on the great quality without the high mark up.

Lulu also wanted great skin care products without all those additives, fillers, and fragrances. Ingredients labeled “fragrances” or “perfume” could mean anything. As a mother on a tight budget, she wanted to have the great products but she couldn’t afford them. Lulu decided to make her own. She found many products have lots of water, filler ingredients, artificial colorants, parabens, DEA, and phthalates. Lulu avoids these products and opted to use minimal ingredients to make a product. What she found was she used less and her products lasted a long time. It is what you should find with the more expensive products that don’t use fillers or excess water.

Being on a tight budget, she gave her products to family and friends as gifts. Lulu’s Thyme and Essentials began from family and friends wanting her products! Lulu, Angie, and Mary are a mother and daughters business. Lulu’s mission was to make a great product like the expensive ones at a reasonable cost. Lulu’s Thyme and Essentials is Food Safety Manager certified in the state of Massachusetts. Lulu believes if you are going to sell herbs and make herbal products knowing how to safely make them or package them is a top priority.

Lulu’s Thyme and Essentials missions came from her promise to family, friends, and clients who bought her products:

  1. Have a great product people on a tight budget can afford. Her herbs, seasonings, tea blends are from US certified organic growers. Lulu thinks you will notice the difference, we do. Why is it so important? Certified organic grower don’t use synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, GMO seed stock, or irradiation. Some of Lulu’s growers even test their plants for toxins, micafungin, and heavy metals. Lulu’s promise is to treat you like family. Only the best!
  2. Provide high quality skin care products people on a tight budget can afford. Lulu’s experience as a chef came in handy in creating recipes. Soaps, scrubs, body washes, lotions, salves, shampoo, and conditioner all need base ingredients. Lulu uses ingredients often found in those very expensive high end products. Using minimal ingredients, avoiding fillers, can make your product last longer because you use less than some of the “cheaper” products. Lulu’s promise is to make a great product at a reasonable price.
  3. Educate anyone interested in herbal products. Going “herbal” for Lulu means using more natural products with minimal ingredients. Herbs contain groups of chemical compounds typically in their “natural” state. You can find herbs that are antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, or antioxidants to name a few.
  4. Stand behind your products. Lulu’s Thyme and Essentials stands behind our products. What does that mean? While we strive to be perfect, we recognize we are only human and are imperfect. We cannot control things like shipping. If there is ever an issue with one of our products, Lulu will always try to make it right.

Lulu’s Thyme and Essentials wants to help educate, provide a great products, and preserve the “old ways”. One of Lulu’s favorite places to be is a Farmer’s Market. One of the best feelings is to have customers come and tell you “your products are great, you could charge a lot more”. One of the better feelings Lulu get is telling her customers “I want everyone to be able to afford my products”.

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