We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Herbs And Herbal Products.

If you use great ingredients, work hard, and have a passion for what you do, you will have a great product.

Our Company

Lulu’s Thyme and Essentials started with a mother who wanted the best quality herbs, beauty, and skin care products for someone on a budget.  Unable to afford some of the luxury products, Lulu set out to make her own for herself and gifts to friends and family. 

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products everyone can afford.  Lulu uses ingredients you will find in luxury skin care products.  

Our company provide certified organic herbs, beauty, and skin care  products made with herbs or essential oils.  We strive to use minimal ingredients, avoid harsh chemicals and artificial fillers.

We think you will notice a little of our product goes a long way, saving you money. 

Don’t forget to dream big.

You deserve it.

Our Team

Meet the owners of Lulu’s Thyme and Essentials. Lulu has a background in Culinary Arts and is an Herbalist.  Angie has a background in the Food and Drink Business and Business.





Lulu and Angie

Farmer's Market

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Herbal Essentials?


Herbs in general are plants having leaves, seeds, flowers, or roots that can be used for flavor, as food, medicine, on your skin, or as perfume.  They do not typically have a wood stem.

Herbs can be used to flavor meals, in medicine, for nutritional value, or action of the herb.

Typically herbs are taken as a tea, added to recipes for flavoring, or used on your skin.

Beauty and Skin Care Products

You  can find herbs and/or essentials oils in most products for your hair or skin.

Specific herbs and essential oils are thought to have a benefit for your skin or hair.

Products made with minimal ingredients typically avoid artificial ingredients in fragrances and ingredients called “fillers” to reduce the cost of a product.

For us one important reason is to reduce the risk of allergy and irritation.  Another important reason is you will get more product for your money.

We don’t think so.  All organic products are thought to be safer thank natural products because they are regulated by the FDA.

Organic involves production without using artificial agents, fertilizers, or pesticides.  

All natural means nothing artificial or synthetic has been added to something.  It can be misleading. All natural could contain hormones or something called GMOs or genetically modified organisms.


Are herbs are certified organic.  Our beauty and skin care products are made with certified organic ingredients including certified organic herbs or essential oils.

Using minimal ingredients we recommend you shake all liquids and scrubs before use as we try to avoid artificial binders.

Avoid humidity, we try to use minimal ingredients and avoid harsh or artificial chemicals.

Because we do not use artificial fragrances our products have a light scent any may smell different from products with artificial fragrances. What you will smell is the scent of the real plant.

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