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About Us

It started with a vision.

After losing a child, Lulu began looking for a more natural way to help her anxiety. With the help of her physician, she was able to use herbs to help. Lulu then began her path to herbalism. As a mother on a tight budget, wanted the highest quality herbal essential, beauty, and skin care products for herself. As a chef and herbalist, Lulu started making her own skin care products for herself and as gifts for family.

Lulu’s Thyme and Essentials

Lulu started at Farmers Market and continues to participate in local markets.

Lulu found not all herbs and “natural” products were the same and could be expensive. Buying in bulk Lulu set out to make herbs and herbal products available to all.  

Lulu’s mission is to provide high quality herbs and herbal products available to everyone. 

Our Team

We are a family. Meet Lulu, Andrea, and Mary. A mother and daughter business. Not only are we dedicated to providing high end products everyone can afford, Lulu wants to help educate anyone interested in herbalism.


Andrea Ayer-Graham


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