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Lulu’s Thyme and Essentials is an herbal and skin care store. Lulus products include herbs, seasonings, scrubs, bath salts, lotions, body washes, shampoo, conditioner, soaps, aroma sprays, deodorants, salves, and accessories. Our products contain herbs, seasoning, or essential oils. All are certified organic.

We think we are different from other stores for a few reasons. The number one reason? We use our products. It’s how Lulu’s Thyme and Essentials came to be.

Lulu’s Thyme and Essentials mission? To educate people about herbs and herbal products. Just as importantly, provide a really great product everyone can afford. We avoid fillers, harsh chemicals, so what you should find is a little will go a long way.

Our herbs are from US growers. Lulu’s Thyme and Essentials is Food Safety Manager certified in the state of Massachusetts. Lulu has formal training in Culinary Arts and is an Herbalist.

You may have seen Lulu at her favorite place, Farmer’s Markets.

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